Lake Merritt Loop

Cruise around Oakland’s beautiful Lake Merritt and take in the scenery, live music, a local farmer's market and more.

There are two routes around the lake: the designated bike lane on Lakeside Drive and Grand Ave, and the shared pedestrian/bicycle inner path along the water. When the latter is crowded with people walking, we recommend the bike lane.

Pick up a bike at the Lakeside Dr at 14th St station:

  • If you’re riding on the street, get started by going north on Lakeside Drive, and stay in the right lane as you loop around the lake.
  • If you take the inner path, walk your bike down toward the lake until you hit the path and follow it around the lake.

The first 30 minutes of each ride is included in the price of an Access Pass or 3-Day Access Pass, and if you want to keep a bike out for longer, it's only an extra $3 per additional 15 minutes. Or you can dock your bike and pick up a new bike at stations along the way to reset your ride timer.

When you complete the loop, check out the Oakland Museum of California or dine at Lake Chalet.