Plus FAQs

Plus ebikes are temporarily unavailable. Please see our blog for more details.

Tell me about the bike

These custom shared ebikes are available in the Bay Area, with a pedal assist motor to turbocharge your ride. Our ebike’s maximum speed is 18 mph. Turn on the electric assist by pressing the power button, either between the handlebars (for our 1st generation ebike) or on the battery (for our 2nd generation ebike). Be sure you’re at a complete stop when you’re pressing power - if you press power while the bike is in motion, it won’t actually turn on! . Please brake gradually and with both hands.

How do I take out an ebike?

Riders can locate ebikes with a lightning bolt icon using the Ford GoBike app, rent them from any station where they are available using your Clipper card or smart phone and park them at any station. Ebikes cannot be rented through the kiosk.

Can I ride in the bike lane?

Yes, our ebikes can still be ridden in the bike lane.

Does it cost more to rent an ebike?

Ebike rides are currently included in the cost of your membership or pass purchase.

Do Bike Share for All members pay extra?

Bike Share for All members (low-income residents who become Ford GoBike annual members at the discounted rate of $5 for their initial year) will always be able to use ebikes at no extra cost, for rides of up to 60 minutes.

How do overage fees work with an ebike?

Our standard overage fee rates will apply to the ebikes ($3 per extra 15 minutes). There are not additional overage fees associated with riding an ebike.

Why do I see more ebikes at the station than are available to check out?

When an ebike needs repair or a battery has no more juice, we lock it down at the station and signal to our team to come fix the bike. We are actively monitoring the fleet and working hard to make sure those bikes are charged and ready again for rental as fast as possible.

Can I turn the pedal-assist off?

Yes, just hold the power button down for 3 seconds and the assist will turn off to return it to a classic bike.

Do these bikes have a throttle?

Our ebike is a class 1 ebike, which means it does not have a throttle and requires you to pedal in order for the motor engage. As soon as you stop pedaling, the motor stops too.