Meet the Ford GoBike Plus

With a motor to turbo charge your ride, it’s the newest way to get around the Bay Area - without breaking a sweat.

2nd and 1st Generation of Ford GoBike Plus

Electric bikes are here. These custom pedal assist ebikes will expand the Ford GoBike network in the Bay Area and add a safe, reliable and affordable mobility option.

It's easy

It's just like riding a bike, but with a motor that amplifies the rider’s own pedaling power. The ebikes seamlessly integrate into the existing Ford GoBike system and app, so riders can find, unlock, ride and dock an ebike just like any other bike.

It's for everyone

Calling all riders. No matter who you are or where you're going, the extra boost helps you climb hills and ride longer distances.

It's really fun

Riding an ebike is an experience unlike any other. Soar through the city. Take your weekend to new heights. And feel the wind in your hair in every moment.

Now you’re ready to ride

Be sure to review the rules of the road. We have some quick safety tips for you to make sure every ride is a smooth one.

Rules of the Road