Connecting you to transit and the region

Ford GoBike and Clipper are working together to make it easier than ever to get around the Bay Area. Clipper is already accepted on all major Bay Area transit systems, and now Ford GoBike members can link their account to a Clipper card to unlock bikes. With this exciting new feature, your Clipper card just added one more way to get you where you’re going.

How it works

Once your Clipper card has been linked to your Ford GoBike account, simply hold your Clipper card over the reader on the dock to use it as an access key and unlock your bike.

Please Note: Your Clipper account and your Ford GoBike membership are separate. Payment for bike usage is from your Ford GoBike account and no deductions are ever made from your Clipper balance to use Ford GoBike.

Already have a Clipper card?

To link your Clipper card to your Ford GoBike account, log into your account profile and follow the steps to activate your Clipper card with Ford GoBike. Once it’s been added, you can use it to unlock any bike in the system.

Activate your Clipper card for Ford GoBike

Need a Clipper card?

Pick up a Clipper card in person from participating retailers – visit for a complete list of locations.

Or Ford GoBike members can follow the link below to request a Clipper card by mail. Allow 7 to 10 days to receive your card. Once it arrives, log into your Ford GoBike account to activate your Clipper card as your membership key.

Request a Clipper card