Bike share for the community, by the community

Designed by Bay Area residents

Ford GoBike is the Bay Area’s bike share program, connecting neighborhoods across San Francisco, San Jose and the East Bay. It has been planned in consultation with thousands of Bay Area residents, local agencies and elected officials to ensure that bike share works for the communities it serves. Ford GoBike will completely transform the way Bay Area residents get around.

By 2018, there will be 7,000 Ford GoBikes across San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley and Emeryville. New stations will be added regularly between 2017 and 2018.

Both Motivate and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) are committed to ensuring bike share is equitable, accessible, and reflects the diversity of the communities it serves. As part of this commitment, at least 20% of the bikes in the Ford GoBike program will be located in MTC designated “communities of concern.” Motivate will also be offering Bike Share For All – our $5 first-year membership for low-income residents.

Expansion Process

Station siting

Stations can be placed in the street, on sidewalks or plazas, and on private property.

A typical Ford Gobike station has 19 bike docks, a kiosk for rental transactions, a solar panel, and a map panel. It typically measures 50 feet by 7 feet.

Smaller stations are possible, but they don't hold as many bikes. We've found that stations any smaller are too often full of bikes or completely empty, which makes the system less reliable for everyone.

We also have larger stations in downtown/commercial areas. Our large stations are good for busier areas and at locations that see a high number of regular commuters, while we have smaller stations for more residential areas.

Siting Criteria:

  • Connecting points of Interest and Community Assets (ie. parks, public plazas, markets, schools, hospitals) and residents

  • Accessible 24/7

  • Near Transit and Bike infrastructure

  • High Visibility

  • Clear of Public Utilities( Water, Gas, Storm Drains) , etc

Importance of Density

Having stations close together is important for a successful bike share program. More nearby stations means more places to dock or find a bike. Good station density is important for system reliability and usefulness. Our team works 24/7 in response for more bikes or empty docks. The more docks in an area, the easier it is for our team to provide enough bikes for everyone. Our goals it to have stations no further than a 5 minute walk from you.


We believe that community feedback is essential in creating a successful bike share for the Bay Area. We have hosted dozens of public workshops and over 300 meetings with community groups and stakeholders. Additionally, we have met with hundreds of neighbors with our in person outreach at every location. Those numbers are only growing and the feedback provided to use is incorporated into our planning process to site stations that are successful where you live, work, and play.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at for a community presentation or for more information about the bike share expansion

View our Outreach Report


Service Area Maps

  • San Francisco: 300+ stations (view map)

  • East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley and Emeryville): 120+ stations (view map)

  • San Jose: 80+ stations (view map)

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