Network Expansion

Ford GoBike is the Bay Area’s bike share program, connecting neighborhoods across the San Francisco Bay Area. It has been planned in consultation with thousands of residents, local agencies and elected officials to ensure that bike share works for the communities it serves. Ford GoBike is completely transforming the way Bay Area residents get around.

We are expanding to a total of 7,000 bikes across San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville and San Jose. Each station goes through a robust engineering and public outreach process before being issued a permit by our local partner agency.

We are committed to ensuring bike share is equitable, accessible and reflects the diversity of the Bay Area. As part of this commitment, at least 20% of bikes in the Ford GoBike program will be located in MTC designated “communities of concern.”

San Francisco

We have partnered with the SFMTA to bring bike share to San Francisco. Our city planning engineers review each proposed location for technical feasibility according to our station siting guidelines. Our outreach team then gathers feedback from the public on proposed station locations both online and at community meetings and events. Each station is then presented at SFMTA Public Hearing to collect further feedback. Stations are deployed after receiving a permit from the SFMTA.

East Bay & San Jose

The first phase of our expansion plan is nearly complete in Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland and San Jose. We are currently evaluating the network design and plan to continue expanding in the future.