Women Who Bike

Meet our Staff: Ilana

September is Women's Bike Month, and we're so excited to feature some of our very own staff throughout the month.

Women account for only 34% of bike share members in the U.S. and our goal is to get more women biking by providing the resources and support they need to get started. Visit our Women Who Bike page and check our blog each week for profiles of the ladies leading the charge in the bike lane.

Meet Ilana, one of the rockstars that keeps Ford GoBike moving (quite literally, in this case). Ilana moved to the Bay Area in 1999 and worked as a bike messenger and in repair shops. Today, she lives in Oakland and oversees our entire fleet of thousands of bicycles. By next year, she'll be responsible for seven thousands bicycles in 5 cities. No small task!

Name: Ilana Long


I am the Bicycle Fleet Manager. I am responsible for ensuring the safety and ride-ability of our entire fleet! My days are spent managing our 3 repair depots and developing ways to improve our repair process flows and get more bikes on the street. I also get to play with a lot of pretty cool data.

Where are you from? Where do you live now?

I'm originally from San Diego. I moved up to San Francisco and then Oakland.

Favorite Ford GoBike station? Why?

My current favorite Ford GoBike station is Bay Place at Vernon. But I'm biased because that's my commute station. I cannot wait for Jack London Square to launch so that I can ride to the ferry in the morning!

How often do you ride Ford GoBike? What are some of your main use cases?

I commute to and from BART daily in Oakland. I recently started using Ford GoBike when I don't have my own bike with me to get around town but end up meeting up with friends who do. I feel a little bit guilty that my own bikes barely get ridden anymore.

Favorite weekend activity?

Rock climbing around the Bay Area is my favorite "get outside" activity but I've recently been bitten by the surfing bug so I don't think I can claim a favorite anymore.

Let's say you were Mayor of Oakland for a day. What would you do?

Cheeseburger party at Lake Merritt and free Ford GoBike rides for everyone in the service area for a day!

Only 34% of bike share members identify as female. What can we do on an individual and company level to change this ratio?

Wow, that's a surprising number! I think that showing the community how many amazing women we have here leading the teams at Ford GoBike is a great start to bringing visibility to women who bike and letting other women know that BIKING IS TOTALLY RADICAL.

Anything else you want to share?

Let's get some butts on some bikes!