Women Who Bike

Meet a rider: Vanessa

September is Women's Bike Month, and we're so excited to feature some of our very own riders throughout the month.

Women account for only 34% of bike share members in the U.S. and our goal is to get more women biking by providing the resources and support they need to get started. Visit our Women Who Bike page and check our blog each week for profiles of the ladies leading the charge in the bike lane.

Vanessa is one of our top riders, taking trips on Ford GoBike at least 2x a day. She's been car-free for over 5 years, and relies on bike share and other transit to get around town.

Name: Vanessa Gregson

Occupation: Development Manager - WildAid

Where are you from? Where do you live now? All over US. Bay Area for last 7 years. It's home now.

Favorite Ford GoBike station? Why? McCoppin & Valencia - it's steps from my apartment and I can get to work in 15 mins!

How often do you ride Ford GoBike? What are some of your main use cases?

At least twice a day. I ride to and from work. I also love to ride to the gym/workout classes. I run errands with Ford GoBike. My boyfriend and I go on rides together along the Embarcadero for extra exercise. I love biking everywhere as often as possible.

Before Ford GoBike I made excuses not to exercise, but now I can't stop myself from biking everywhere. I'm so much healthier even when I can't get to gym. 30 mins of biking per day has made a huge difference. I feel great!

Tips for new riders?

Don't be intimidated by other bikes or cars. Get a helmet and start riding. You won't regret it!

Something about you most wouldn’t know?

I sold my car 5 years ago (which I never thought I would do) and I LOVE being car free. I used to love driving, but prior to a kayaking trip a month ago, I hadn't driven in 4 years! I didn't even realize it had been that long and I didn't even miss it. Anywhere I need to go I bike, walk, car-share, ride muni or take a train. It's so freeing!

Anything else?

Keep it up. Bike Share is the best! Also, I look forward to a bike dock opening soon in the Upper Haight. I'm in a pinball league in the neighborhood and right now it's one of the only places I frequent that I can't get all the way to via bike. I see it on the map though and look forward to using it.