Women Who Bike

Meet our Staff: Sarah B

September is Women's Bike Month, and we're so excited to feature some of our very own staff members and riders throughout the month.

Women account for only 34% of bike share members in the U.S. and our goal is to get more women biking by providing the resources and support they need to get started. Visit our Women Who Bike page and check our blog each week for profiles of the ladies leading the charge in the bike lane.

Sarah leads Sales and Partnerships across Motivate, working with great organizations including Alaska, California Tobacco Control Program and more. Sarah is a true bike share champion -- riding the bikes up to 4x a day!


Sarah B.

Where are you from?

I grew up in Colorado and currently live in San Francisco.

What do you do for Ford GoBike? And what does that mean on a day-to-day basis?

As Director of Sales & Partnerships, I find good community partners our bike share system and manage those relationships. I really enjoy working with great brands and companies and knowing that we are making healthy and sustainable commuting in the Bay Area a reality.

Favorite Ford GoBike station? Which future station are you most excited about?

Embarcadero & Bryant. I love biking along the Embarcadero and seeing the Bay Bridge. It's near a friend of mine and my hair stylist so I never have to be worried about getting to her on time. Most excited for Washington Square Park.

How often do you ride Ford GoBike? What are some of your main use cases?

2-4x/day. Getting to/from work, going to/from meetings, getting to/from SF Giants game/AT&T park, Going to/from Ferry Building Farmer's Market.

Favorite weekend activity?

Stand-up paddle-boarding (fair weather fan though!)

Only 34% of U.S. bike share members identify as female. What can we do on an individual and company level to change this ratio?

Offer a gals guide to city biking, include recs for being glam on GoBike (Helmets, hand sanitizer, hair tricks, etc...) I'd like to secure some brand partners that support this! Lead by example, like Libby Schaaf, show that women don't require a 'kit' to get on a bike and quickly get to where they want to go.

What would you do if you were Mayor for a day?

Review the new homeless budget to address the behavioral health issues and heartbreaking evidence of addiction we witness on our streets daily and make some recommendations - we have to fix this!