The Team Behind the Bikes

Working hard to keep Ford GoBike rolling

Launching a new bike share program is a team effort. And our team includes over 100 incredible staff from all across the Bay Area. These folks have been working tirelessly since early June to deploy over 190 new Ford GoBike stations and thousands of bicycles throughout San Francisco, San Jose and the East Bay. And since June 28, our team has been working day and night to make sure that Ford GoBike is working well for the thousands of daily riders. That means rebalancing bikes, fixing bikes and stations as needed, answering your emails and going to community events to explain how bike share works and invite new people to travel on two wheels. And we’re proud to provide for our team with living wages, benefits, and growth opportunities.

And sadly, it’s also meant cleaning up some bigger messes. Over the past few weeks as local residents have shown their excitement and appreciation for expanded bike share in the Bay Area, there have been others who have acted out in ways that hurt the ability of others to use Ford GoBike as an affordable and convenient way to get around.

Every time a station or bike is vandalized our team responds to make sure bike share is there for you when you need it.

So we want to take a moment to recognize the over 100 hard working women and men who keep Ford GoBike rolling. You may not always see them (they’re good at being discreet), but if you do, please join us in thanking them for the difficult and essential work they do.

And if you see vandalism or bikes and stations in need of maintenance, please continue to report it to us and we’ll send a team out immediately. To report vandalism and requests for maintenance, please contact: