Motivate and MTC Announce Expanded Bike Share Equity Program

Ford GoBike will offer $5 first-year membership and cash transactions for low-income residents, and broaden community outreach when expansion program launches in Spring 2017.

Motivate and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) today announced a bold commitment to ensure that bike sharing is accessible to all Bay Area residents. As part of the tenfold bike share expansion from 700 to 7,000 bikes across San Francisco, the East Bay and San Jose, Motivate will offer a $5 introductory rate for Annual Membership to low-income Bay Area residents, available for the life of the program, which customers will be able to pay in cash instead of using a credit or debit card. MTC and Motivate also announced $260,000 in new funding for community-based organizations to conduct outreach and education for low-income and minority residents in the bike share service area.

The expansion of bike sharing in the Bay Area was made possible by a new public-private partnership with Motivate, who announced in September that the Ford Motor Company has signed on to support the program which will be renamed Ford GoBike.

The $5 first-year membership will be available to all Bay Area residents who qualify for Bay Area utility lifeline programs. Residents will also have the option to pay in cash, making bike share accessible to those who do not have access to credit cards. After the first year, members receiving the discounted rate will pay only $5/month to keep riding. This offer will be coupled with extensive outreach and education to help lower income residents map out how bike share can help meet their transportation needs.