Meet the ebike

All your ebike questions answered

Starting this April, riders will have access to 250 shared ebikes in San Francisco, in addition to our existing Ford GoBike fleet (2,500 bikes and counting).

Tell me about the bike!
These custom shared ebikes were developed through a partnership with GenZe, a leading developer of zero-emissions, two-wheel electric vehicles. The ebike’s maximum speed is 18 mph. They features a 345 Wh Li-ion battery and a user interface panel that lets riders know their speed and battery charge level.

How fast is the ebike?

The ebike’s maximum speed is 18 mph.

Can I ride in the bike lane?
Yes, our ebikes can still be ridden in the bike lane.

When will ebikes be available?
Our ebike pilot program is launching in San Francisco with 250 bikes April 24, 2018.

How many ebikes will be available?
The pilot program will feature 250 shared ebikes in San Francisco.

Will ebikes be coming to Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville, San Jose?
Ford GoBike hopes to expand ebikes to additional Bay Area cities in the future, after reviewing the results of the San Francisco pilot program.

Do Annual Members pay extra?
Ford GoBike members will be able to ride an ebike at no extra cost.

Do Bike Share for All members pay extra?
Bike Share for All members (low-income residents who become Ford GoBike annual members at the discounted rate of $5 for their initial year) will always be able to use ebikes at no extra cost throughout the pilot, for rides of up to 60 minutes.

Do Single Ride/Access Pass/3-Day Access Pass riders pay extra?
Riders purchasing a Single Ride, Access Pass or 3-Day Access Pass will be able to ride an ebike at no extra cost.

How do I take out an ebike?
Riders can locate ebikes using the Ford GoBike app, rent them from any station where they are available using their Clipper card or smart phone and park them at any station in San Francisco.

How will overage fees work with an ebike?
Our standard overage fee rates will apply to the ebikes ($3 per extra 15 minutes). There will not be additional overage fees associated with riding an ebike.

Click here to read our Ebike Pilot Press Release.