Information for Bay Area Bike Share Members

How to transfer your membership to Ford GoBike

Information for Bay Area Bike Share members
Bay Area Bike Share has been replaced with Ford GoBike, a brand new system 10x the size with longer riding times, better bikes and a brand-new app. All existing Bay Area Bike Share members will be transferred into the new service. You’ll receive an extra 60 days of ride time for your patience during this process.

Next Steps
You should have received an email asking you to reset your password and complete the transition to Ford GoBike. Be sure to check in your spam folder if you don't see them, or contact us at

Goodbye Keys
With Ford GoBike, you’ll no longer need to carry a key. You can unlock bikes with either a Clipper card or the Ford GoBike app. Easy peasy!

Extra 60 Days
Whenever your Bay Area Bike Share membership is set to expire, you will autorenew in a Ford GoBike membership at $149/year. You'll be notified 7 days prior to your renewal. Remember, you’ll be receiving an extra 60 days, so if your membership was set to renew in June, you won’t have to renew until August.

Launch Dates
· San Francisco – June 28
· San Jose – Week of July 17
· East Bay – July 11

We are here to help. Visit us at or 855-480-2453.