How Ford GoBike Protects Your Data

When it comes to data, your privacy matters.

As a rider of Ford GoBike, you are part of a movement. By riding a shared bicycle, you are helping to make our cities more green and livable. You are also supporting a public-private partnership and sending a signal that you value active transportation options and bike infrastructure. We are grateful that each one of you is a part of our community, and we want you to know that when it comes to data, your privacy matters.

To help improve the performance of the system and to help our public sector partners continue to grow bike share and bike infrastructure, we share bike share data with trusted partners. We believe in sharing:

  1. Data that helps policymakers better plan bicycle networks and transportation infrastructure

    We regularly share anonymized trip data with our government partners--the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the cities of San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley and Emeryville--as well as the public.

    We share anonymized trip data that reveals which stations are getting the most use, which trips are the most popular, how long it’s taking riders to get between various points, and the age and gender of riders.

    Further, Ford GoBikes do not contain “telemetry” or Global Positioning System (GPS) devices. No data is currently collected or transmitted about the specific route that a bicycle took during a trip — just the start and end points.

    Anonymized trip data will soon become available at the Ford GoBike System Data website for researchers, artists, transit wonks or any interested person to explore. We’re excited to see the visualizations!

  2. Data that helps tell the story of bike share and Ford GoBike

    Our team will, from time to time, run some very cool aggregate analyses that demonstrate things like total number of members, numbers of rides taken or most popular trips. The trips that you take contribute to this type of trend analysis, but your personal trip data is protected. This helps us put Ford GoBike in the context of bike share nationally and globally — and within the broader conversation about personal urban mobility. There’s a trove of interesting trends in this data, and we hope you feel good about contributing to the narrative.

  3. Data that helps us operate the Ford GoBike service for Customers

    In order to deliver an excellent Ford GoBike user experience and to service your account, we share some data with service providers to help us operate the system. For example, we share information with Ford to help authenticate and integrate Ford GoBike memberships with their FordPass program and with MTC for users that have linked their Clipper card to their Ford GoBike account. Other services that need data to do their work include fraud detection and prevention providers, for example. Ford and our service providers are bound by strict privacy policies, and we follow rigorous data security standards.

If you’d like to review our full Privacy Policy, you can find it here:

We have embraced transportation industry best practices with our data sharing policy, and we are continually aiming to innovate and expand the usefulness of our data. We welcome your questions and suggestions: