Celebrating 500,000 Trips

Thousands of Ford GoBike members are biking as a fun, efficient way to get to work, errands and restaurants around town.

In less than six months, Ford GoBike riders have taken over 500,000 trips. These trips free up space on crowded transit, improve air quality and burn calories.

A look back at what we’ve accomplished together in 2017:

  • 260 stations installed

  • 500,000 rides taken

  • 3,728,000 miles traveled (equivalent to 7 trips to the moon and back)

  • 156,576,000 calories burned

  • 2,535,040 pounds CO2 offset

Best of all, we're not even halfway through our planned deployment of 500+ stations across San Francisco, San Jose and the East Bay.

As we continue to add new stations throughout the region, we look forward to being able to serve many more people and trips. Check out our current and planned stations for 2018 here.

Happy Holidays!