UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley's 178 acres of rolling hills, shady redwoods and iconic architecture is a must-see for Bay Area visitors.

Opening its doors in 1868 with a mere 10 students, UC Berkeley is now considered one of the world's top universities and is home to nearly 40,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The university is renowned for its Nobel laureates, famous professors and rich history of student activism.

With multiple stations near campus, Ford GoBike is a great way to check out some of Cal’s most popular attractions:

  • The Sather Tower – also known as the Campanile because of its resemblance to the Campanile di San Marco in Venice – is UC Berkeley’s most recognizable symbol. At 307 feet tall, it is the third tallest bell and clock tower in the world.

  • Sather Gate is a prominent landmark at the main entrance to campus, and is a registered historic landmark.

  • Sproul Plaza is the hub of campus, where students gather, protest and perform music.

  • California Memorial Stadium opened in 1923 and is home field for the University of California Golden bears football team.

  • The William Randolph Hearst Greek Theatre – simply known as "the Greek Theater" – is an 8,500-seat outdoor amphitheater that holds concerts, festivals, events and graduation ceremonies.