GoBike to Launch Adaptive Bike Pilot for Riders with Disabilities, In Partnership with Bay Area Outreach & Recreation Program

OAKLAND, CA —This May, GoBike and the Bay Area Outreach & Recreation Program (BORP) will launch the region’s first adaptive bike share pilot program, they jointly announced today. The pilot will provide people living with mobility-related disabilities a new, affordable active recreation option in Oakland. At launch, this pilot program will include handcycles, foot cycles and a side-by-side tandem bike, which will all be stationed at Lake Merritt on weekends during the 26-week pilot.

“We’re thrilled to work with BORP to open up new possibilities for people with disabilities who want to access bikes in Oakland,” said Caroline Samponaro, Head of Bike, Pedestrian and Scooter Policy at Lyft. “Launching this program will allow us to learn more about the specific needs of the disability community and work closely with them, as well as our bike share partners at the City of Oakland and MTC, to potentially expand this service to other cities in the Bay Area.”

“The first step to Bikeshare programs becoming fully inclusive is to increase awareness about the equipment and options that make cycling possible for people with disabilities,” said Greg Milano, BORP’s Adaptive Cycling Manager. “Once people see what’s possible and get a chance to try them out, they’ll be able to take equal advantage of the bike lanes and trails we’ve all invested in over the last decade. We are thrilled to work with Lyft and the City of Oakland to bring Adaptive Cycling to Oakland and beyond.”

“OakDOT is committed to making all of our shared mobility programs accessible, regardless of physical ability,” said OakDOT Director Ryan Russo. “Through this pilot program with BORP and Lyft, we are greatly increasing the number of Oaklanders who have access to bicycles for recreation. At the conclusion of this program, we will make recommendations for how to turn this pilot into a successful long term program.”

“Providing bike share services to the disabled community is a key goal for our commission. This pilot concept has been over a year in development and we are very pleased and excited to see the results of our collective efforts come to fruition,” said Frank Sperling, Vice-Chair of the Mayor’s Commission on Persons with Disabilities for the City of Oakland.

Trained staff from BORP, the region’s leading provider of accessible recreation and adaptive sports for people with mobility-related disabilities, will be on-hand to fit, train and assist riders on how to use the adaptive bikes.

This is just the latest in GoBike’s efforts to diversify its fleet for people of varying abilities and to encourage different trip types: in December 2018, the system began to dramatically expand its ebike fleet to more than 1,500 ebikes across the Bay Area. Ebikes give riders an electric boost for long-distance and uphill travel. In peak riding season, the GoBike system now regularly breaks 10,000 daily rides and recently completed its three millionth all-time trip.

About GoBike

The GoBike system is an integral part of the Bay Area’s transportation network. With more than 300 stations and nearly 4,000 bikes on the ground across San Francisco, San Jose, Berkeley, Oakland, and Emeryville, the system has generated over three million rides since launching in June 2017. A leader in bikeshare innovation, the system features the popular GoBike Plus ebikes to help riders easily summit Bay Area hills as well as dockless bikes in North San Jose. When completed, the 7,000-bike, 546-station GoBike network will be one of the largest bike share systems in North America, at the forefront of national standards in density, convenience and equity.

About Bay Area Outreach & Recreation Program (BORP)

The Bay Area Outreach & Recreation Program (BORP) provides challenging sports and recreation for people with disabilities of all ages and from all over the San Francisco Bay Area. BORP’s Adaptive Cycling Center in Berkeley has over 50 different types of adaptive cycles and has been breaking down barriers to Cycling for people with disabilities for 15 years.